Setembro 2012


  • Aerospace Valley/ Midi-P is looking for a project initiative/consortia related to the FP-7 call ENV.2013.6.5.2.c

Aerospace Valley, a leading French cluster in Aeronautics and Space gathering 580 members in Aquitaine and Midi Pyrenees Regions, wishes to address partners that are going to prepare a Coordination and Support Action in response to the next FP7 Call for Proposals in the Cooperation Environment work programme:

"Mobilising environmental knowledge for policy and society: Empowering international economic development through the use of environmental Earth observation (EEO)."
Aerospace Valley is interested to join a project initiative or project consortia. More information



We are searching some partners to cooperate in 7FP projects.
Our company - ZTS VVU  is an industrial company involved in research and development and at the same time an SME, we are currently collaborating in three 7FP projects.
We would like offer to exploit some of our knowledges and expertises, e.g.
- robotic systems for non-standard environments and for space industry, eventually for Space technologies using
- mobile technological systems
- remote-controlled systems
- automatic manufacturing technologies
- multisensoric systems
- monitoring and diagnostic systems
- training simulators

     Peter Vasilko
     Sales and marketing manager
     ZTS VVU  Košice a.s.
     Južná trieda 95
     041 24 Košice
     Slovenská republika
     mob:   00421 905 887194